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Colocation ASIC Miner Hosting Services



Blockchain is the future

More and more people are getting into blockchain technology but do not realize how complicated it is to run and maintain. We provide an affordable solution that will allow you to run your ASIC miners without having to deal with the headache yourself. The heat, noise & power consumption are too much for most individuals to run in their home.

We've built the infrastructure needed to run and maintain these very specialized machines. We know from experience what works. Our machines will be running right along side yours. With how limited space is, we are constantly doing our best to expand to give everyone a chance to get in on the blockchain future.


Dedicated Internet w/LTE Failover

Dedicated business class sla internet. We maintain a minimum of 75% available bandwidth. Once we go under that we requisition more bandwidth. In case of issues with service we have LTE failover in place.

Hardware Monitored 24/7

We use custom software to monitor all ASIC's in our facility. In the event of unusual activity (slow speed, high hardware faults, etc) we are notified immediately and will perform the remedial action required.

Affordable Power

Located in the northwest we have access to less expensive and renewable power. Our location also allow's us to spend less on cooling thus reducing the cost to you. All miners connect to a c13 pdu plug.

Secure & Monitored Facility

We have a brand new secure facility. Fully monitored by a top tier security company when we are not there. Live video security system keeping eyes on your valuable hardware. We take security very seriously.


1 Month Hosting
$25 + $60/kWh

3 Month Hosting
$25 + $55/kWh

6 Month Hosting
$25 + $50/kWh

12 Month Hosting
Contact Us

Discount if paying for 3, 6 or 12 month terms.
If there is another miner you would like us host please contact us about pricing.
We do not host GPU rigs right now.


Q. What forms of payment do you take? A. Bitcoin & Paypal (3% Fee)

Q. Can I ship my order directly to you from the manufacturer? A. Only if it's from within the united states.

Q. Can I remote manage my hardware (VPN). A. No, we do not allow remote connections into the network for security reasons.

Q. How will I be able to view my miners status? A. We are working with our software vendor to give you cloud access to the status and allow remote commands through a webpage. ETA is unknown. You will need to check the status on your mining pools page for now.

Q. If something is wrong with my miner or I want to change pools how will it be done? A. We most likely will take care of any issues that arise before you will even notice something is wrong. If you want to change pools you will need to send us a request and we will handle it within 24 hours in most cases. Excessive requests will not be acknowledged.

Q. How long can I keep my miner in your facility? A. As long as we are able to accommodate it. There is no minimum and no maximum.

Q. Do I need to supply a power supply? A. Yes, we only provide the 208v c13 plug & the network cable. You must provide a compatible power supply.

Q. If my hardware fails can you repair it or send it out for repair? A. We can repair certain items, We keep power supplies on hand and you can purchase a new one from us in the event that fails. We also keep extra fans and cables. If you miner needs to be sent out we can send it out. We do charge a $25 fee + shipping for all outgoing packages.

Q. Do you have insurance? A. Yes we have full coverage insurance to cover our facility and your equipment.